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Is Boucha Kombucha good for you?

Very much so, yes. Not only is it low in sugar, but it is also packed with healthy enzymes and antioxidants from the green tea which help to fight free-radicals. Many kombucha drinks are sold as health tonics as they also contain billions of live bacteria/probiotics. For thousands of years people have been drinking kombucha to aid with digestive problems and many people experience relief from conditions such as IBS. Boucha Kombucha contains fewer of these live probiotics as it has been filtered to give it a longer shelf life, but it is still a far healthier drink than any alternatives – particularly alcohol or fizzy, sugary soft drinks.

Can you get drunk on Boucha Kombucha as it has a trace of alcohol?

In short: no.

Boucha Kombucha has been laboratory tested to have 0.5% ABV which is roughly the same as a ripe banana. Lots of fermented foods have a trace of alcohol, but at that level it is impossible to become intoxicated. The liver metabolises the alcohol faster than you can imbibe the quantity needed to raise alcohol blood levels.

While many unfiltered kombuchas can continue to ferment when not refrigerated, Boucha Kombucha has had all the yeast removed, so it cannot elevate its alcohol content, even at ambient temperatures.

The government are also trying to change the classification to ‘alcohol-free’ from ‘non-alcoholic’ for al 0.5% drinks due to these factors.

How do you store Boucha Kombucha?

Due to filtration, Boucha Kombucha has a 12-month shelf life and is best stored at ambient temperatures. It does not like sitting in fluctuating temperatures, so away from radiators or direct sunlight. Keeping it in a cool dark place is recommended, so a kitchen cupboard is perfect.

We always recommend drinking your Boucha chilled in an elegant glass of your choosing. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 7-10 days. It is absolutely fine to drink after this time, or to use in cooking, but it will sour slightly as they days go by.

How much caffeine does Boucha Kombucha contain?

 Boucha Kombucha is made with Sencha Green Tea which is the lowest caffeine of all the teas. It contains about 25-30mg per cup which is low compared to coffee which is anything from 120-200mg per cup.

During the fermentation process, however, the caffeine content is reduced further still by 2/3, so a glass of Boucha Kombucha has just 7-10mg of caffeine.

To date, it doesn’t seem to affect sleep – even when drank in the evening, although if you are drinking Boucha as a tool to support giving up alcohol, you may find your sleep is disrupted due to the reduction in alcohol intake rather than adding Boucha to your diet.

How many calories does Boucha Kombucha contain?

It was always our intention to create a naturally low sugar and low-calorie drink.

Kombucha is naturally low in sugar unless it has added sugars and fruits. Boucha is only flavoured with approximately 1% fruit, so it stays very low in sugar and low in calories too. 

Boucha Original White – 105 cals per bottle/2.7% sugar

Boucha Blush – 112 cals per bottle/2.9% sugar 

Do you deliver to the US?

Unfortunately, it is too expensive to ship to the US at present. It costs approximately £40 to deliver just 1 case (x6 bottles), but we are happy to arrange this if the shipping fee is paid by the customer. We are also looking for distributors in the US to make this process cheaper and easier.

How do you pronounce Boucha Kombucha?

Boo-sha Kom-boo-cha