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Our Story

The idea for Boucha Kombucha was born in 2018 when founder Bryony Orsborn decided to give up drinking alcohol for good.

Like many people, she found after many years of social drinking, it had started to take its toll, and she wanted to focus on amore mindful way of living.


She recalls, "Strangely, stopping was the easy part. What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was how outcast it feels to be a non-drinker in an alco-centric world. Dining out has always been, and continues to be, one of my favourite past times. I love my food and I loved my wine yet finding a comparable drink to have with my meal; one which felt sophisticated and could complement my food was virtually impossible."

Many of the non-alcoholic wines found in supermarkets were overly processed and full of sugar - up to 42 grams per bottle on occasion. There had to be another option.


"Why Boucha? Well, it’s simply a refined version of the term ‘booch’: a popular pet name for kombucha, which has connotations of ‘hooch’ or ‘moonshine’, so softening the edges, we came up with Boucha. We also loved the translation of the palate cleansing dining course, Amuse Bouche, to mean ‘excite the mouth’ -and Boucha certainly does just that!"


She first tasted kombucha at the Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival at Spitalfields Market in London that summer.It was the Lo Bros Original variety, and she was immediately struck by this sparkling drink which had the perfect balance between tart acidity and zesty fruit. Not sweet, but so very pleasing to the palate….it reminded her of something, so the seed of her Boucha baby began to grow.

"I think it’s fair to say my first forays into home brewing were inconsistent at best and explosive at worst! I set about researching equipment and techniques; teas and natural flavours and found out very quickly that I was never going to create a consistent, organic, delicious and shelf stable product in the comfort of my own home. It was time to call in the experts."


Starting with the guys at GoodCulture Kombucha she learned the intricacies of producing a living product on a commercial scale. There were two choices: to invest in brewery space, equipment and time to hone the craft, or invest in expert producers to assist in creating the perfect brand, leaving Bryony free to focus on the marketing and business growth. Choosing the latter, she was introduced to Gina and Luke from Wild Fizz Kombucha where together they designed the Boucha recipe.


Flavour was of utmost importance in the design process, so using the profiles of several dry and zesty wines, they found the perfect balance; creating an organic drink with lasting notes of green fruits and a dry, mouth-puckering finish. Presented in a wine style bottle with a label painted by Bryony's artist mother Patricia Thornton, Boucha now looked the part, and was ready to be presented to the world.

Coming full circle, we had an exciting launch in January 2020 at the Winter Mindful Drinking Festival.

Where the first Boucha fans were created and wonderful connections were made within the Low & No community. We managed to ride the wave of Covid and lockdowns throughout the year and have learnt so much along the way. In December we launched the Boucha Blush variety and increased our bottles to 750ml which has proven to be a hugely successful move.The low & No alcohol movement is certainly growing momentum, with 2021 set to be a very exciting year for non-alcoholic drinks brands, and we are incredibly proud to be a part of it.”