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Sugar Highs; Boozy Lows.

From the very start, our mission at Boucha Kombucha HQ was to create a delicious and healthy drink for the sober and sober curious alike; one which was packed with flavour while remaining low in sugar. This was a non-negotiable when we started designing our beautiful brew, and here are the reasons why…

Unfortunately, when you choose to remove alcohol from your life, many abstainers are left not only craving booze, but sugar too. I believe this stems from childhood when sugar was the way we ‘partied’ and found our ‘sugar-high’. It’s no coincidence that we replace with alcohol the sweets we gorged ourselves on as children.

For so many of us, giving up the booze means reaching out for chocolate and ice cream once more to get us through those first few months of sobriety. I would happily inhale 2 Magnums after dinner – and while it was the lesser of the two evils, I would end up feeling dejected, realising I had replaced one addictive behaviour with another.

Swapping out the wine for a low or no-alcohol alternative can also seem futile as so many alcohol alternatives have removed the alcohol and replaced it with sugar for viscosity and flavour. The problem with this is two-fold.

Firstly, sugar is just as addictive as alcohol – and as toxic to the body. The brain treats both sugar and alcohol very similarly- exciting your dopamine receptors and making your mouth water at the prospect of having some more. We view both as treats and we eat/drink them often thinking it’s because we like the taste, but in reality, we like the way it makes us feel. With the initial hit of dopamine, we feel fantastic, but the crash and sugar lows – often associated with feelings of shame, leave us feeling anything but.

Secondly, one of the positive benefits to giving up booze can be shifting unwanted pounds put on over years of drinking (and the following day’s food consumption in an attempt to soak it all up!). Upon discovering how much sugar was in my favourite alcohol-free fizz, I actually cried – 42 GRAMS per bottle!! No wonder the weight was moving up the scale not down!

The solution: Kombucha – or more specifically: Boucha Kombucha.

Tasting kombucha for the first time and exploring its health benefits – something clicked. This was the low-sugar, healthy alternative we needed. Not only did it have the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness, but it was low in sugar and actually good for you.

Not all kombuchas are created the same – so watch out for heavily flavoured ones. We keep Boucha low in sugar using a combination of fermentation techniques and only flavouring very delicately to ensure it remains below 3%. We promise to commit to this for every flavour we produce.

Fast forward almost 3-years and we have created a second low-sugar alternative in Boucha Blush, and we would love to hear from you as to what new flavours you may like moving forward….a red wine alternative perhaps?

Send any flavour suggestions to