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Is September the new January?

I keep hearing this, and it makes perfect sense. We are used to taking a break from the booze and rich foods at the start of any New Year after over indulging during the festive period, yet summer can offer just the same triggers to over consume. This summer has been particularly sociable as we came out of lockdown, all desperate to see our friends and family; to celebrate together in the sunshine.


And why not eh? We really did deserve it, but I know I’m not the only one who has put on a few (several more than a ‘few’) pounds over the last month or two and has started the new academic year feeling a bit sluggish – making resolutions about exercise and health eating.


September is therefore the perfect month to start forging new habits – particularly before the winter festivities start in December. These may include addressing our alcohol consumption, starting a running programme or looking at our food intake. While I don’t drink alcohol, there have been far too many halloumi burgers devoured at barbecues, canapes at weddings, crisps and dips at family gatherings – and of course supporting our hospitality industry by dining out. My body is crying out for a cleanse.


Now we have all been hearing for quite some time how good kombucha is for the gut, which is certainly true, but it also holds a wealth of other health benefits.


Boucha Kombucha is a particularly healthy option when looking at the kombucha brands available now. Not only is it incredibly low in sugar at less than 3%, it is also very low in calories at just over 100 calories for a WHOLE BOTTLE.


On top of this, the main ingredient in Boucha Kombucha is Organic Sencha Green Tea which is bursting with antioxidants such as polyphenols which help support our immune system by fighting the free radicals which toxify our body and contribute to almost all chronic disease. In this role, polyphenols prevent or reverse damage in our cells caused by aging, the environment, and our lifestyle. It also contains catechins, vitamin C, beta-carotene, folic acid, saponins, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus in the nutrient-dense leaves.


Seriously….what’s not to love about this drink!?


Of course, it’s virtually impossible to remove all toxins from our life when the air we breathe, the water we drink, the cleaning products we use and cars we drive are fully of the nasty beasties. We can, however, minimise the associated risks by nourishing our bodies and being mindful about what we put in them.


Boucha Kombucha may not be a cure all, but it certainly helps if you are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. Simply having a glass of Boucha Kombucha in place of a glass of wine is going to be hugely beneficial, and it still feels like a treat which will help you stick to your resolutions for this new month of September – or longer if desired.