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8 ways to relax in the evening without a glass of wine

So, we are almost half way through Sober October! How does it feel?


Waking up with a clear head never gets boring, and your sleep should be improving now too. Do your eyes look brighter? Do you have more energy? These are just some of the many benefits you’ll get from quitting the booze for even a short period of time.


How are your evenings though? It is the time between the day and evening where most of your triggers will occur. We yearn for that punctuating moment which signifies that it is time to relax and make some time for ourselves. Maybe the children are in bed or dinner has been served, you’ve taken off your work shoes and closed your lap top until tomorrow – now what?


If you have spent many years using alcohol to de stress and numb your thoughts and wash away the remnants of your day, it can seem like an impossible task to relax without it. Alcohol also does the job very quickly, while other methods take a little longer, but with practice, you will start looking forward to your new evening rituals for relaxation.


Here are a few of my favourite methods to relax in the evening – sans booze:


  1. Baths. I don’t think I spent much time out of the bath in the first few months of sobriety. If you don’t have a bath, then a long shower will do. While alcohol simply numbs you, a warm bath or shower will actually relax your muscles and will help improve sleep. Add some bath salts or scented oils and light a candle – you deserve it – it’s supposed to be a treat after all.

  2. Yoga. Now, not all yoga is the same. You don’t need to be overly flexible or able to stand on your head. There are many free videos on YouTube which support relaxation and sleep (Yoga with Adrienne is amazing). Kundalini is another relaxing form of yoga which focusses more on breathwork and can help shift your energy from stressed out to soothed.

  3. Breathwork. Much like yoga, learning how to breathe mindfully was a game changer for me – not just in sobriety but for life in general. Wim Hof The Ice Man (again lots of free tutorials on YouTube) is a firm believer that we can completely alter our mental state using deep breathing – “get high on your own supply” is one of his catchphrases! Check him out.

  4. Exercise of any kind. Walking around the block or gently jogging, joining a gym or a group class will give your evening a new focus and will release incredible natural endorphins which give you genuine happiness rather than the false numbing feeling you get from booze.

  5. Read a book. There is nothing more indulgent than getting into a freshly made bed with a cup of herbal tea or a glass of Boucha Kombucha and getting lost in a good book. Audible audiobooks are also amazing – taking you back to being read to as a child – bliss.

  6. Find new activities to do where alcohol is not the main focus. Going to the cinema, theatre, open mic nights or bowling can be good fun – and you’ll actually remember it all for once.

  7. Pamper yourself. This is not just for the ladies either. Sort out your nails, massage your feet, put on a face mask, trim your beard (if you have one!), massage your hands, moisturise or paint your toenails. All these things will a) keep your hands busy and b) are a form of self-soothing without the need for alcohol.

  8. Cooking and baking. Making bread in particular can be very rewarding and relaxing. It’s quite physical and it takes time. You need to keep an eye on it, but you get immediately rewarded when it’s done – there is nothing better than freshly baked bread with butter or a warm chocolate brownie straight from the oven!


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